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You are probably here because like us, you are passionate about good design and comfortable living.

We are a professional manufacturer and exporter, which specializes in the production of original modern and leisure furniture for living room and commercial spaces, like Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Villas ect.,Since our establishment, we have adopted “your modern furniture creator” as our concept. Our mission is quite simple but clear that provides our customers with a trusted experience for the best home furnishings. To give our staff a place they are proud to make a great career, and to be an active and respected part of our community. Relentless pursuing for perfection, progressive development, innovation, focus on quality and promotion of trustworthiness have always been our ever adhering commitment.


Manufacturing process and material selection is integral to the quality of the finished product. What we offer is superior quality furniture. We have set a very high standard of quality control from every detail in the process of product design, material, sewing, processing, design finalization, and packing to keep increasing your customer experience, because we believe this is the best way for us to run our business.



We owned a professional R&D team with our international designers in Germany working with us design and update our exclusive selections. Following the world trend, we continue to learn the latest trends in Europe and the United States the essence of style, design the best out of the latest products better serve our clients.



A: Not only offer our original product but also sourcing home accessory and other products in China.
B: OEM and ODM are available. We offer completely design solution for project. Please check here to view our projects we done
C: provide goods inspection service for our customer.



We guarantee 12 month for any reason, In case that any defects found, please send us email with specifics and pictures. We will give you solution for any quality issue.



It would be fun to share with you regarding the Chinese culture about “Hen yang”. Hen(恒) stands for “eternally and insistently to achieve the aim”, Yang(洋)symbolizes “the ocean & property & balance” in Chinese culture. The combination of two excellent Chinese characters telling the mission of us is to set up business relationship with customer from the worldwide in mutual benefit and “Win-Win cooperation.

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